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Financing the future.


Jump Finance offers students in developing countries educational loans at fair, transparent rates, empowering them to complete their studies and pursue their dreams.

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Every year, talented, ambitious students around the world are forced to abandon college educations, simply because of a lack of money. We plan to change that status quo.


Seeing the individual

Banks and microloan companies avoid lending to students because they see students in general as high-risk. We look past the generalizations to identify trustworthy student borrowers.


High-demand fields

We focus on growing industries where a postsecondary degree can as much as double a graduate’s income.


Vetted institutions

We vet partner institutions to protect students from for-profit colleges and educational scams.


Innovative credit model

Our model weaves together academic, behavioral, and other data to get a picture of each applicant.


A mission worth believing in

Our team members have worked directly with students at institutions Jump will serve—some of us have been those students ourselves. We’ve seen kids forced to give up on promising careers because they couldn’t access as little as $750.

We think that’s unacceptable, and we’re determined to use our experience and skills to help out, listening to students long the way.

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Watch this space!

We’re currently working with institutions in The Gambia to launch our pilot program fall 2019 🎉